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HACTIV® Cementless Femoral Component
The Scanos fully HAC coated forged titanium TA6V alloy stem is the exclusive property of Biomed of France and distributed in France by the company that developped it for us, EVOLUTIS. It is now one of the most proven designs currently available with a unique 98.84% survival rate at 10 years. Now available in Dysplasia version and a High Off-set Coxa Vara version from the Evolutis portfolio.
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CEMTIV® Cemented Femoral Component
The nitrogen enriched highly polished stainless steel cemented replica of the HACTIV™ stem. This implant is the exclusive property of Biomed of France.
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AMETHISTE® Muller stem
Supplied to you by Scanos this modern nitrogen enriched stainless steel version of the well known Muller concept incorporates a slim neck technology coupled to a short 12/14 Euro taper. This implant is the property of Evolutis.
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All BIOMED-Scanos stem component order references at a glance 
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