Friday 12th of July 2024
Welcome to this new SCANOS website last updated for you on 22nd August 2018. The new CAPTIV SCW with 36mm&40mm Delta inserts is just awaiting CE registration We use no cookies and do NOT collect data. Therefore the GDPR law does not concern this web site. The Vanquish interference screw is now replaced by the FIXION screw

Scanos™ was founded in 1997 by 2 long and well established orthopaedic businesses in Scandinavia and a French company and has now been in operation for 18 years.

Taking into account varied factors the Scanos™ partners came together to create a solid European Platform dedicated solely to orthopaedics and specifically to total hip implants.

In fact Scanos is now solely implicated in hip implants since modern orthopaedic implant manufacturing requires a multitude of skills: PE experts, forging and casting specialists, high performing machining, coating expertise, textile experts for ligament or sutures, ceramic maestria for bearings etc, etc….

Such a multitude of competences are NOT to be found in any one company and this led Scanos™ to decide upon having each specificity subcontracted to a specialist in each domain. All our products unless otherwise mentionned are the property of Biomed (even those whose Trade Marks were fraudulently filed by Noes de VRIES from E.M.C.M.) and who has illegally sold them to AAP of Germany. With the HACTIV®-CAPTIV®-REACTIV™-CEMTIV™ implants this covers the C~ment® bone cement line with its resorbable plug the C~®plug all manufactured exclusively for Biomed. Such a strategy has allowed Scanos™ to be able to carefully develop this complete range of excellency in the field of hip implants. This has entailed great clinical results at 15 years with a survival rate of over 98%. No other hip implant can claim such a survival rate.

Then in order to best distribute these implants Scanos™ has based its strategy on a similar philosophy. Only chose specialists. Our international department is therefore a choice selection of the best distributors endeavouring to satisfy your specific demands, in fact probably the people who have been your closest contacts for many years. So should you require a gold standard hip implant such as a HACTIV®-CAPTIV®-REACTIV™-Scan Anchor you have reached the right place. Some of the mentionned and named products are part-shared Trade Marks but remain the property of Biomed again inspite of AAP, E.M.C.M and certain others trying to claim these are ‘theirs’ and having fraudulously filed for the Registered Trade Marks…do be aware that BIOMED-SCANOS are the owners of the European registered Trade Marks for these implants..concerning the ‘metal’ implants Evolutis partially shares some of these Trade Marks.

Scanos™ hopes that such an approach will be appreciated…
Our reliability will be your satisfaction….