Thursday 23rd of May 2024
Welcome to this new SCANOS website last updated for you on 22nd August 2018. The new CAPTIV SCW with 36mm&40mm Delta inserts is just awaiting CE registration We use no cookies and do NOT collect data. Therefore the GDPR law does not concern this web site. The Vanquish interference screw is now replaced by the FIXION screw

In this PRODUCT section you will find all the details about the different BIOMED SCANOS products manufactured for us by our sub-contractors and a few which belong to Evolutis or Synimed which we sometimes ‘help’ distribute.

You will find a tool bar on the right hand side of the page. Select the category of product you are looking for. The product page will open then just click on the product name. The product navigation bar at the right of the page will always be present avoiding the effort of having to close down each page in order to access another product.

A full detailed description will then be available to you plus a brochure to download and in some cases a complete detailed technical description of the product you have looked into.


You will either find a general operating technique under each major product page or a link in order to contact us to have one sent to you.

Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on any of the Contact us links on this web site.