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Various Scanos components accept BIOLOX® forte, DELTA® or VITOX® ceramic inlays and ball heads. The information, photos and documentation supplied herewith are from either CeramTec AG or Morgan Advanced Ceramics.

Other CeramTec or Morgan options being available we invite you to visit the CeramTec web site at http://www.ceramtec.com or the Morgan Advances Ceramic web site at http://www.morganbioceramics.com/hip.htm for complimentary information or different options available.

Standard Alumina cup inserts


Features offered by our range of acetabular ceramic inserts
Acetabular inserts for Scanos cups are available for femoral heads with diameters of 28, 32 and 36 mm. Insert outside diameters range between 37 and 52 mm
Ceramic ball heads


Features of Scanos femoral heads

  • Available for Scanos femoral components with diameters of 28 mm, 32 mm and 36 mm
  • Available with 3 different neck lengths
  • Taper accepted by Scanos femoral components: 12/14 offering a taper angle of 5° (standard taper 1:10 acc. to DIN, Morse taper)
  • Suited for use with BIOLOX®forte, DELTA® or VOTOX® and UHMW polyethylene/XPE cups

Nowadays standard

The current trend is clearly toward modular prosthesis systems with an acetabular insert made of polyethylene/XPE (Cross Link Polyethylene) or ceramic. The surgeon inserts the acetabular insert into the cup shell during surgery and fixes it in place using the standard fixation concept or a sandwich construction (e.g. PolyLock®).

Ceramic bearings play a significant role in acetabular insert and ball head combinations, Ceramics can be used in combination with equivalent parts or with polyethylene/XPE.

This versatility makes it possible for prosthesis manufacturers to supply implants offering several options. Surgeons are thus able to choose between the materials.

Scanos acetabular and femoral components have opted for all available head-insert combinations.

Taper fitting for ceramic ball heads and ceramic inserts
The success of today’s modular hip endo-prosthesis is based on the taper fitting for the ceramic ball heads and ceramic inserts, which makes it easy for the surgeon to affix the ball head on the stem and the insert into the cup housing and allows the possibility of selecting a suitable combination for all indications.

Certain parameters detailed in the following works, must be observed in order to ensure problem-free functioning and maximum safety.

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