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C~ment® is a product range of bone cements that is used for the fixation of artificial joints. Bone cement fills the space between the prosthesis and the bone. It allows for an immediate and stable fixation of the surgical implant. The C~ment® product range distinguishes itself by its convenient mixing characteristics and excellent mechanical properties.

C~ment is a European Registered Trade Mark property of Biomed of France. C~® is a copyright Logo and Registered Trade Mark of Biomed of France.

C~ment® is available in four types:

– a standard viscosity C~ment® 1 in a 40g pack,
– a standard viscosity antibiotic Genta C~ment® 1 in a 40.8g pack
– a low viscosity C~ment® 3 in a 40g pack
– a low viscosity antibiotic Genta C~ment® 3 in a 40.8g pack

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