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ESIN paediatric fracture nailing (Elastic Stable Intermedullary Nailing) is now a well accepted and clinically proven and very cost effective procedure for paediatric long bone fracture treatment first developed by Nancy University in 1979 by Prof Prévot head of the University’s Paedictric Orthopaedic Dept along with Prof Lascombes and Dr Metaizeau..

But what a bizzare world the world of orthopaedics.The initial system, the Nancy nail, was well outdated having undergone a number of improvements near to close perfection. Titanium for stainless steel, sterile packed with umpteen sizes and diameters, enhanced spatula, etc, etc……. However being a bizzare world surgeons have chosen to go back to the good old primitive Nancy nail, single length, non sterile and so on….bizzare !

Child diaphyseal fractures of the femur, forearm, tibia and humerus.

Flex-i-nail for arm surgery: shortened tip nails to accommodate children’s narrow medullary canals in the radius and ulna in 2 lengths and 3 different diameters.

Flex-i-nail for larger bones (Humerus, Femur, Tibia….) short spatula tipped nails for cross-skidding of the fracture site available in 3 sizes in 5 different diameters.

Child diaphyseal fractures of the femur, forearm, tibia and humerus.

The ECMES technique is covered by an extensive Biblography: click below to see these papers.

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