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Design rationale : Simplexity

The Scanos HACTIV® Total Hip System cementless primary femoral component is a full length HA coated well proven forged titanium alloy construction designed for optimal long term mechanical stability. The development of this stem was confered to EVOLUTIS SAS by Biomed in 1999. It is the sole property of Biomed (France). For distribution in France contact our distributor EVOLUTIS S.A.S via this web site.
The basis of the design is a methaphyseal tuliping flare with horizontal curved grooves to naturally enhance biomechanical hip joint compressive lines. These grooves increase axial loading and prevent subsidence, while horizontal medial plane notches enhance both these characteristics.Because of our Simplexity view over time two features have been enhanced: the stem now has a short European 12-14 taper to avoid insert contact and the stem neck has been slimmed.confering 12° additional ROM.

Running down the stem this geometrical “bouquet” gradually merges into a perfect full-fill trapezoidal cross section ending up distally in a “opposed” rectangular cross section providing increased rotational stability. Such a proven design reinforces axial stability and resistance to rotation while choice titanium alloy confers significant reduction in stem rigidity.

This HACTIV® cementless stem offers surgeons with a wide range of sizes, and a collared version, an optional size 7 and 8, a reduced short 12/14 taper and slim neck for increased mobility (+12° arc of motion) A full revision and extra-long product range is also available with the REACTIV® components. The Evolutis distal locking REACTIV™ can also be supplied to you by Scanos.This locking version is an EVOLUTIS product not a Biomed product.

Dysplasia and High Offset versions are also available.

Main product features

TA6V forged titanium alloy construction

12/14 standard micro-grooved taper or 12/14 Euro standard slim neck & Collar version available
High Offset stems available from the Evolutis portfolio.
Dysplasia option available
Cemented stainless steel M30NW CEMTIV™ version available
Accepts 22.22mm, 28mm and 32mm diameter femoral heads
Biolox® forte alumina ceramic head option
12 size proportional build-up 7 to 20
Rough alumina grit blasted sub-surface for long term on-growth
Full length HAC APS plasma spray coating
Constant 135°neck angle
Common instrument set with CEMTIV™, REACTIV® components

Available documents for downloading

HACTIV® brochure
Type of document: brochure
pdf document: size 2 pages: 548Ko.
HACTIV® High Offset technical brochure
Type of document : technical showing High offset charateristics
pdf document size 1 page only: 190Ko.
HACTIV® short technical dossier
Type of document: concise technical brochure
pdf document: size 2 pages : 1.69Mo.
HACTIV® complete technical dossier
Type of document: technical brochure
pdf document: size 12 pages : 227Ko.
Operating technique
Type of document: general operating instructions
pdf document: size 2 pages: 39Ko.
HACTIV® technical presentation of instrument usage
Type of document:: use of instruments in conjunction with operating technique
pdf document: size 2 pages : 1.59Mo.
Clinical background and papers
Type of document: general clinical data
pdf document: size 1 page: 42Ko.