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Design rationale :

A largely modified and improved version of the Müller straight femoral component an EVOLUTIS S.A.S product incorporating the HACTIV slim neck and short 12/14 euro taper.

Available in 8 standard sizes accepting S-M-L-XL Ø28mm M30NW stainless steel heads and generally coupled with the Evolutis EMERGENCE™ PE cup or with the Evolutis bi-polar MOONSTONE™ acetabular component or other bi-polar cups. Ceramic use approved.

Product features

Forged M30NW stainless steel construction
12/14 ‘short’ micro grooved taper and slim neck technology
Accepts Ø28mm M30NW stainless steel femoral heads or Ceramic
8 size proportional build-up (extra or specific sizes available upon request)
Polished finish
Neck angle 135°
Simple easy to cleanse rational instrument set
Uses the specific AMETHIST™ PE cup
Also uses a MOONSTONE™* bi-polar ring cup.
*see MOONSTONE™ bi-polar cup

Available documents for downloading

AMETHISTE® brochure
Type of document: brochure
pdf document: size 2 pages: 584Ko
Approximate down load time: 1 ‘ 00 »
General surgical technique
Type of document: general instructions
pdf document: size 1 page: 25Ko
Approximate down load time: 3 s