Tuesday 17th of May 2022
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Design rationale :

The CEMENTED Double Mobility DM acetabular component is a stainless steel cemented cup transposing the proven CHARNLEY cup features into a double mobility system.

The main feature of such a device being that the double mobility reduces joint bearing friction by half. The cup is lifted by a tripod dome and dimple surface to allow for an even cement mantle. Three rim flange vent holes allow excess cement escape.

Product features :

A stainless steel alloy construction
Mirror polish inner bearing surface for a spherical housing
Inlays accept 22.22mm, 28mm diameter femoral heads
9 size proportional build-up from 45 to 61
CHARNLEY type flanged pressurisation rim
Three rim vents for excess cement escape
Retentive PE mobile insert
Tripod dome
Dimpled brush-polish outer contact surface

Available documents for downloading

CEMENTED DM double mobility cup
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