Tuesday 26th of September 2023
Welcome to this new SCANOS website last updated for you on 22nd August 2018. The new CAPTIV SCW with 36mm&40mm Delta inserts is just awaiting CE registration We use no cookies and do NOT collect data. Therefore the GDPR law does not concern this web site. The Vanquish interference screw is now replaced by the FIXION screw

Design rationale :

A high impingement torque locking ring bi-polar cup marker. The impingement torque of the MOONSTONE acetabular component has been measured to be 27.5 daN.m

Product features :

Of stainless steel metal back and PE construction
Accepts 22.22mm and 28mm diameter femoral heads
11 size proportional build-up from 41 to 57
Even size implants from 40 to 56 in proportional build up of 2mm.

Instrument required :

Locking ring forceps

Available documents for downloading

MOONSTONE brochure and basic operating technique
Type of document: brochure and operating technique
pdf document: size 2 pages: 754Ko
Approximate download time: 0′ 20 s