Wednesday 8th of February 2023
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Design rationale :

The cementless extra-long X-TENSIV™ revision femoral component is a long version of the REACTIV™ component. It is only available upon request and requires time to be manufactured.

The X-TENSIV™ femoral component is available in the same array of options as the REACTIV™ revision stem offering surgeons the choice of four sizes, size 12, 240mm in length, size14, 260mm in length, size 16, 280mm in length, and a size18, 300mm in length. These versions are available in both collared or non-collared versions and like the REACTIV revision stem are also available in a collared cemented version.

Distally the Scanos X-TENSIV™ extra-long stem has 2 coronal slots which confer an elasticity gradient to the implant and hence adaptability to the femoral curve.

Product features :

Forged titanium TA6V alloy construction
12/14 standard micro grooved morse taper
Collar version available
Accepts 22.22mm, 28mm and 32mm diameter femoral heads
Biolox® forte alumina ceramic or Morgan Matrox head option
4 size proportional build-up and four extra long lengths; 240-260-280-300mm.
Alumina grit blasted sub-surface
Full length hydroxyapatite APS plasma spray coating
Neck angle 135°
Double coronal slots
Common instrument set with HACTIV™, CEMTIV™, REACTIV™

Nota bene :

X-TENSIV™is implanted with the same common rational instrument set as the REACTIV stem. The X-TENSIV stems require an extra standard flexible round drill or reamer for the distal preparation.

Available documents for downloading

(same brochure as for the REACTIV stems components only differing in length)
(A specific brochure is currently being printed)
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